Wood Burn Project Workshop

Create a wood-burned design wall hanging masterpiece for your home decor.

Create a wood burnt feature for home decor
In this workshop Kamille will step you through the creative journey of making a timeless wooden feature crafted to your liking.

This is an exclusive class to Aboriginal Brisbane artist, Kamille, who has specialised in wood burning for the past 3 years. Kamille has made and sold various wood burning artwork and is excited to share her skills experience with the class.

You will be working with a 25mm wooden round,
Sketching or stenciling a design onto your board. You will then Trace your to your design using scorch pen and finally torch your board with a heat gun to reveal the burnt design.

During this class you will have the opportunity to practise and experiment with various different designs and patterns and will be supported with artistic techniques to enhance your experience and final product. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll pick up this skill!

Working with wood and watching your artwork come to life can be incredibly satisfying and therapeutic. Discover your love for wood burning and immerse yourself in this incredible experience!

Location: Uptown, Level 1, 91 Queen Street
Bring your own drinks and food to enjoy during the session.


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Enjoy your Experience