Paint and Sip FAQs


Private Functions FAQ

Yes, you can do a UV glow paint and sip at Uptown.

We offer both public sessions and private sessions. However, we can’t do UV paint at your location, then we would use normal paint (due to equipment required).

You can see the gallery on our website for paintings to choose from if you do a private class. 

The early bird price for public sessions is $29. For private sessions the price per person depends on how many people you are in your group. See information on pricing below.

You can wear what you want to the paint and sip, but recommend not wearing clothes that are especially valuable to you, in case they would get paint on them. But nice, normal clothes. The paint usually goes away if you wash it straight away, but it’s harder with white clothes.



Booking Cancellations

If you need to cancel your booking for any reason, the process if via our website with a rescheduling cost of $10 per person. Either provide the date you want to rebook, or comment will advise future date when ready. This needs to be done before the session time so we can advise the teacher re setup requirements for each session. The cancellation cost is to cover our admin time with rescheduling our largest admin cost. Please go to


Do we run kids workshops?

As our Brisbane City studio shops at Uptown Shopping centre do not have toilets inside the studio space we can not offer kids workshops as we can not chaperone the kids individually to the toilets as required. However we can offer sessions for Families with Adult participation with under 18 year olds. We would recommend for 6 year old plus as long as they are interested in doing the activity, as they can loose concentration and make a mess. Parents are fully responsible for supervision as required the same as any public atmosphere. We would recommend our week day and night sessions. The weekend day sessions are fine, however the Friday and Saturday nights are 18 plus Adult only classes where patrons want to let down there hair, and be kid free and have organised baby sitters to attend. 


Ceramic Painting sessions after Clay and Sip

We have a complete Pottery Workshop, with kiln firing services which is additional $15 for your tray of works per person
We also have Ceramic Glaze Painting sessions on Sunday afternoons at 1pm which is only $15 seating cost. The pieces then would need a second firing which is additional $15 per piece the second time round. From the first clay and sip session allow 2 weeks for the first firing before booking in a ceramic painting session 
The clay and sip is hand built pottery session, and firing is paid separately on the day if required. 
If you fire your items which is $15 per person per tray, then you can come back for the ceramic glaze painting session once they are fired once. 
The $15 class is the ceramic painting session, which does not include any firing or pieces to paint
If you have your own fired pieces you can paint them and the second glaze firing is $15 per item this time round, rather then per tray
We also have pottery pieces premade and fired ready for painting, from $29 which also includes the $15 firing for that item
Wesley Taylor 



Private Functions

The cost depends on how many people you have 

Private Event Base cost pricing is the same for either Paint or Clay Experiences
We now have separate inhouse studio pricing as below, and out of studio pricing is plus $10 per person,
plus call out fee if not in one of our restaurant spaces
 Minimum 5-9 People $59 per person
10-14 People $39 per person
15-19 People $35 per person 
20 plus People $29 Per Person (No Maximum)
You can book with a deposit, then final numbers and payment is due 1 week before the event. 
If someone can not make it on the day, we can offer a transfer to future session, either public or private event for up to 2 people. 
You get to book your preferred date and time for private functions, so best to get a deposit down to secure the date. Final numbers and payment can then follow closer to date. 
Wesley Taylor Art Studios 





Friday and Saturday Fortitude Valley with Dinner meal

Regarding valley Cucina restaurant have now introduced food packages to be booked in advance of all events

Great deal $20 for pizza or pasta, excluding seafood. You can eat during the session, however If you would like to eat separately after or before the event, you can book you into the restaurant space directly with Cucina. Here is the payment link for the meal deal that is paid in advance

Book meal here, and will be added to your booking.

Alternative is you can move your booking to the Myer Centre byo studio if you do not wish to upgrade to the new Dinner package now required for all Cucina future booking dates. Myer centre studios runs Friday 6:30pm with a Clay and Sip pottery, or a UV Glow paint and Sip session. The Saturday we run a 5pm Clay and Sip pottery, or we can move you over to the Sunday sessions with a 1pm UV Glow paint and Sip or 1:30pm Clay and Sip pottery. 

Each booking previously made for future dates, we will need to arrange your best option with the change of booking required with the valley venue. 

Wesley Taylor Art Studios



Weekday Nights, Plus Saturday Clay and 1pm Paint, at Brisbane City uptown

Re the Valley venue has now been changed to our City Myer Centre byo studio for 6pm for Monday to Thursday Sessions, plus Saturday morning and early afternoon sessions.
The City studio  is byo all drinks and food. Go to Level 1 of the Myer centre, 91 Queen Street
Now at Myer centre byo studio 

Myer Centre, 91 Queen Street, Go to level 1 

This session is in the Myer Centre studio which is byo drinks and food. Go to level 1 of Myer centre, All good for lifts 6 and 7 until 6.45pm latest entry due to the centre closes

Kind Regards
Wesley Taylor Art Studios


Make a private Party booking 

Lets get you booked in for a private event with at least a deposit to save the date. Here is the booking link, press on the link to the website, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the booking icons, select the size group price tier such as 15-19 people at $35. Put in the Qty you wish to pay for now, then check out through the booking link
Here is the link to the functions page to make the payment 
Remember scroll to the bottom of this page to seeing the booking icons
All details are confirmed via email, if you have confirmed the venue, date and time that is great, then it will be just the matter of selecting a painting for the event 

Step 2 choose a painting for your function here 

Choose a painting for the event from the gallery page, click on orange link
Let me know if you have any questions on securing your booking function
Wesley Taylor 
Private Studio Event Details 
Myer center main studio is located on level 1 of the City Myer centre 91 Queen Street, Brisbane City. When on level 1 the shop is next to the entrance of Myers. This studio is BYO all drinks and food including glassware and crockery. We have plastic cups and a Fridge if required. The second studio shop,
Flamingo Studio Room, is adjacent to the main shop next to the toilets also at the Myers entrance on the same level 1. This shop does not have a fridge, byo all drinks and food with plastic cups as required. Secure parking in the center have cheap $11 off peak parking when booked online
Myer Centre Catering Options from $14.50 per person, details at
Covid Safe Procedures
We still operate with covid safe procedures. We no longer lend aprons out due to material contact points as these are not washed between sessions. Your welcome to bring your own apron to any session venue, or we have them for sale with advance sale notice. Printed logo aprons are $25 each. Most people are fine without an apron, as long as they have heads up with dressing with this in mind. It is only if you have a brush malfunction and drop your brush on yourself. The paint does wash out with warm soapy water or Soda water with the bubles will get it out. 
Final Numbers and Payment for Private Events 
Please advise final numbers and payment for events 1 week before the event date. The latest date would be the Monday before the weekend of the event for final numbers and payment. We let you advise this number pretty close to the event, so you have a pretty exact number close to the event date
Scroll to the bottom of the page
You will see booking icons, saying.. Shop now
Select the icon for 9-14 people or the 15-19 people depending on your total size group
Select the Qty of people to pay for addtional, such as Qty of 4
Add to shopping cart
Go to the check out of shopping cart
Process the payment 
let me know if you get stuck 
Wesley Taylor 
Cancellations and Refunds
We do transfer of date to either a public session or future private event, without our normal cancellation costs, which is $10 per person, plus in cases of a refund there is a $25 admin fee. However, since all sales are final, we will transfer the credit with no cancellation costs, Advise for the number to be adjusted before the event, on the day and after the event this does not apply, and no shows will forfeit their tickets.  See our Cancellations and Refunds policy for full details 
Normal Paint sessions (Not UV Glow)

We have a couple of sessions left that we do normal paint with at this stage, the numbers can be very low under our minimum numbers to run of 7 people so maybe rescheduled if required

Saturday Night Valley 6:30pm is now standand paint

Gumdale Tavern Saturdays 2pm is standand paint

We also have the two Gold Coast sessions at Surfers Paradise and Thai Mudgee

All the sessions in Brisbane City are now UV paint and sip sessions, standard paints are available, and you can seat near the door with the natural light if desired.

All sessions are currently on sale, only $29 normally RRP$45


Wesley Taylor Art Studios


What is Paint and Sip?

Paint and sip events combine a professionally-led painting class with a high-energy environment and a few drinks.Wine is the most popular drink of choice, but many of our guests opt for beer, liquor or lemonade. paint party (or a “social painting event”) is an opportunity for you to have a social outing with your friends over cocktails and appetizers while creating a painting from start to finish

What do you wear to a paint and sip?
Stick with something cute but not fussy, like skinny jeans, with flats, and a pretty top. It’s probably wise to avoid wearing anything white, made of silk, of sentimental value, or extremely expensive
How much does sip and paint cost?
How much does it cost: Seats in our events vary depending on the featured painting and project. You can view event costs by visiting our website venue calendars. Seating fee includes all the fun and everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind painting in a 2-hour period
How long is paint night?
Most paint nights last from one and a half to two hours and begin with an introduction in which the teacher preps you to begin your painting
How much is a private party at our Venues?
What is the price? It’s $39.00 per person for a two-hour session for 9-14 people. 
Do you have a mobile paint and Sip?

Whether it’s for work celebrations, charities, team building, or a staff wellbeing event, our corporate events provide an inclusive and unique work experience for you and your team.

Managing positive relationships and celebrating teams in business is important and providing a unique and memorable event can create long-lasting connections and memories. We provide a unique experience for your team to sit back, relax, and so something different.

We’ll come to your venue of choice will all of the painting supplies and an artist to lead your team step by step as they create their own artworks.

We facilitate private functions for anything from birthdays to hen’s parties, fundraisers and special occasions. We can come to you and set up for your event, or you can use one of our venues

How much does a paint party cost?
$39 per person based on 10 person minimum and no maximum. Includes a 40cm x 30cm canvas with full painting supplies, 2 hours of painting instruction, setup & cleanup of your event, and photos of your event. For private “at home” paint parties the host gets to paint for FREE for opening their home!
Do you bring your own alcohol to paint and Sip?
Certain venues are licensed bars and there is No Byo. These are normally restaurants, and best to check with them first. Venues that are Byo are normally promoted as a Bring your own venue so you do not turn up empty handed. These sessions you can bring any alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage to enjoy during the session. 
Does acrylic paint wash off fabric?
You can wash acrylic paint off your clothes and table if you get to it right away-while it is still wet. Once it has dried, not so much. If you are get paint on clothing like a t-shirt, make sure you use soap or white spirits when soaking to remove. 
What is the purpose of wearing an apron?
Wearing an apron prevents your paint coming in to contact with your clothes, and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. Finally, wearing an apron allows you to make a statement to those around you while your a professional artist. 
Does Art help with Mental Health?
New research shows that the average life expectancy in the U.S. has decreased by more than a year, due in large part to COVID-19. Some of the lesser-known contributing factors are a lack of a meaning and purpose in life, feelings of disconnection, and limited friendships. Take a positive step toward your health and wellbeing by learning to address the social factors that impact longevity. The Paint and Sip has largely become popular with the social connection of bringing people together for a different single focus of what would be in the normal train of thoughts. It takes the mind away on a holiday within a social setting. 

We have custom Logo aprons available at a cost of $20 each, please purchase in advance so we can make sure we have these available
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