Uptown. Goodbye Myer Centre. Hello Uptown. 91 Queen Street Mall City Studios

Mondays Ceramic Pottery Paint 3:30pm

Studio is byo drinks and food. Go to level 1 of Myer centre, Go to lifts 6 and 7 until 6.45pm latest entry due to the centre closes 

 Cancellation and Rescheduling Process

Note our Covid safe procedures include, reduced material contact points. The paint is handed out by our staff, so not everyone is in contact with same items. Aprons are no longer handed out due to reused by each session which avoids covid life on material items. For reduced materials contact points with staff, Aprons will no longer be provided, however available for purchase in Advance


To book, scroll down to the calendar at the bottom of the page and select a date and session time

March Monday Sessions Ceramic Painting 3:30pm
Every week Sessions $15 plus Piece
From $29 including firing, or Paint your own Clay and Sip creations plus $15 Firing per piece
after 1st Firing















Sundays 1pm Painting Ceramics with Glazes in Brisbane City Byo Studio

Mondays 3:30pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30pm

Relax and unwind after a long week with our ceramic painting class with glazes in the Brisbane City studio. Get inspired by the colourful studio and make a piece of art you can show off at home.

This class is the perfect way to express your inner Picasso and melt (or paint) away from your worries of the day while sipping on a glass of your favourite beverage.

Get creative with friends or spend a calling solo evening at this boozy ceramic painting class in Brisbane

Note: Please note the Ceramic pieces are for separate sale to the ticketed price. This ranges from $29 depending on the piece you select, including firing.

Firing only of pieces from our clay and sip, or wheel sessions is $15 per piece for the painted Glaze pieces. Hence, you can make the items in a clay and sip hand built, or wheel throwing session, and leave the piece to be fired the first time for ceramic painting. It will then need a second firing after the ceramic painting

For glazing, your ceramics bisk ware has been in the kiln this can be painted with ceramic underglaze paint, once dry, a clear glaze coat is added, and then it is ready for the second firing.

We offer a fun informative experience of the process. Firing takes 2-4 weeks

This session is discounted to only $15 for the seating, we do not offer transfer of date within the notice period of 7 days. You may give the session seating to another person however this is non-refundable if you do not make it.


Book here for the session



Buy the ceramic piece in advance here




Already made a piece want to book a session which includes firing for 1 piece book here, $15 booking plus $15 kiln = $30 per person booking 





Kiln Firing Service Pay Here