Academy of Art – Become a Teacher

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If you are an artist who wants to share your talent with people who want to tap into there creative side, teaching art with Wesley Taylor Art Studios staff art teacher might be your dream job. Seeing customers improve their skills and find their own creative voice is incredibly satisfying for any teacher. But before beginning your art teacher career, the first step is to practise the paintings you would be teaching.

The Art of Teaching Art

A typical day in the life of an art teacher may begin with a general art paint and sip session, and the next 2 hours may involve working with a group of eager customers who are keen on tips to produce there masterpiece. 

Initially you would firstly learn all 28 paintings and techniques required to produce these works. You would then learn from the master artist Wesley Taylor his techniques and how to produce amazing artworks. 

During this process you would be expected to learn and be able to demonstrate the ability to do similar with a class session of at least 30 people. A master artist such as Wesley as lead sessions of 87 people in a single session and still given individual help to the entire group. Learn how to interact with people and how to build confidence with there work. 

This course involves doing the paintings which you get to keep, learning how to teach and demand an audience of a large group. 

Opportunities exist for positions within the Wesley Taylor Art Studios as assistants and teachers who demonstrate the dedication that is required to full fill this Career. 

You will receive a certificate of Completion of all 28 paintings including the marbling and paint pour techniques. 

Certificates issued by the Wesley Taylor Art Studios Academy will be recognised within the organisation and hierarchy of staff members with preferences opportunities 

Attend 28 Sessions within your own time frame as required. (approx 3-12 months depending on availability)

Educational Purposes (No drinks included)





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