(4) 27 March, “Whale Tail”


7:00pm Paint and Sip Session till 8:30pm

Take home Canvas perfect traveller size 40cm x 30cm

Everything is supplied including Aprons if need be.

The tail of a humpback whale flares out of the water as the animal begins to dive. Each year between April and November, Australia’s eastern coastline comes alive with the spectacular acrobatic displays of humpback whales. Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate north each winter from their Southern Ocean feeding grounds to warmer waters to mate and calve along the eastern seaboard of Australia. 

You will find this whale on a crisp overcast afternoon in Dallman Bay, on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Snowflakes drift down through the still air, hundreds of miles to our west on the exposed waters of what some scientists call the Southern, or Antarctic, Ocean.

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